I’ve trained exclusively with Kevin over the last 5 years and have always left every course feeling more knowledgeable and confident. I’ve added numerous skills and techniques to my knowledge base, to be practiced and improved with repetitive drills afterward. His teaching method keeps the courses both challenging and interesting and his patience allows for a relaxed learning atmosphere. I would highly recommend training with Kevin at Full Spectrum Training & Consulting to anyone that wants to improve and enhance their firearm skills!

~Rob S.

I’ve taken numerous carbine and pistol courses from Kevin over the past 6 years and I can say he is one of the most professional and down-to-earth instructors I have met. He is able to relay information to his students in a way that makes sense to them and in a way that they retain this knowledge. We at Aero Precision put our new sales and customer service employees through one of his classes as a part of their employment. This allows our staff to help build their knowledge base on the AR15 platform and we have been extremely pleased at the results. Our employees come back from his courses with a greater understanding of how the platform should function and that helps them in their day-to-day operations at work. - Chad

Kevin is a highly knowledgeable, entertaining and dynamic instructor.  He is well versed in modern shooting techniques, while remaining open towards new ideas. His classes are always instructional, dynamic and just plain fun!

A. M.

I have been training with Kevin Williams for over five years.  During that time I have taken eight classes totaling 114 hours of instruction.  Those courses include pistol, carbine, combat medicine, fighting from and around vehicles, low/no light with white lights and NVGs, and building clearing.  Every bit of it has been informative, challenging, and entertaining. 
Kevin’s approach stresses mastery of the fundamentals, with additional task layering to challenge students as their capabilities improve.   He has the ability to quickly diagnose student issues and capability, and tailor the curriculum to their specific needs.  With a combination of paper, steel, timed, untimed, static and moving drills he can speed a class up or slow it down depending on how the students are performing and what they need to learn.  Every class I take, even those I have taken more than once, I learn something new and increase my abilities as a shooter.  And since Kevin never stops learning, there is always something new.  Each time I have re-taken a class, there is some improvement or alteration in the material because Kevin himself has learned something he wants to pass along.  There is no dogma or egotism in his classes, something either works or it’s discarded for something better.
When Kevin teaches he wants everyone to be safe, learn something, and have fun.  And I can say every single time I’ve trained with him, those goals have been met.   

Jason W.

I have attended a handful of classes where Kevin taught pistol, rifle, and fighting around vehicles.    His level of knowledge and proficiency at teaching are amongst the best instructors.  I was recommended by Bill Blowers to attend his class.  I now attend his rifle and pistol every year to continue to lay my foundation of those two weapon systems.  Every time I attend his classes I learn another bit of information or technique.  Kevin has never been someone whose ego gets in the way of learning.  I have seen firsthand when another instructor attended his class and made an observation about a technique to which Kevin then incorporated into his training.  He has also never forced someone to do things the way he teaches, he stated, "Do your technique.  If mine helps you improve then by all means." 
- Jason PNW LEO

I usually never write reviews as a rule, but I felt urged to do so with the defensive carbine courses I had taken from Kevin Williams.  Kevin is one of the most proficient and articulate firearms instructors I have ever trained with in the last 15 years. I cannot possibly portray the superlative nature of my experience… but I will try in a few sentences.  Even before I had signed up for his class, Kevin was extremely helpful, not to mention responsive to many of the questions I had about the courses’ structure.  He even goes into the “why” regarding how modern gun fighting techniques evolved over the years unlike other shooting programs I have participated in. This understanding seamlessly flows into the myriad of drills during the training day which elevated my abilities to efficiently “Run the Gun” faster in a short amount of time. I strongly recommend taking a class from Kevin whether you are an eager carbine enthusiast who wants to broaden their skill sets, or if you are a seasoned professional looking for a different challenge. He is one of the best firearms instructors in the Pacific Northwest hands down. You will not be disappointed!

Branden Del Pilar
Staff Officer, JBLM