Kevin served as a machine gunner, grenadier, and fire team leader in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Military education includes completion of Ranger School, SERE Level C, SOT, and the Jumpmaster course. Kevin works to stay current and continues to develop and refine his shooting skills. His civilian firearm training includes operator and instructor level courses with Tap-Rack Tactical, Bennie Cooley (CRTC), Surefire Institute, EAG, TMACS INC, Way of the Gun, among others. He is a certified night vision instructor and NRA range safety officer. Kevin has assisted in the planning and execution of pre-deployment training for various military units as well as provided instruction in small arms employment and tactics. Kevin works as a firefighter in the Pacific Northwest and serves as a medic for an area SWAT team.

Jason is a former Marine Corps infantryman and a 16 year veteran of law enforcement. He has spent a majority of his career in uniformed patrol and SWAT assignments. He is a certified State Firearms Instructor, Night Vision Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor and is his departments lead firearms instructor for the patrol rifle. He is also a tactics instructor for patrol and SWAT.

We are a private training company dedicated to providing safe, realistic, and effective training for all our clients. 

All instructors are former military and current law enforcement/public safety. Assistant instructors are brought in for specific courses due to their expertise and to maintain a healthy student instructor ratio.

Sean served as a Marine Corps infantryman and criminal investigator for eight years, before leaving active duty for federal law enforcement.  Sean has served in his agency’s counterdrug and counterterrorism programs for 14 years, and has seven deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa, providing support to conventional and special operations forces.  Sean’s instructor qualifications include basic close quarters tactics, active threat/shooter response, defensive tactics, firearms (pistol, shotgun, automatic weapons), reactive shooting, non-lethal training ammunition scenarios (Simunition), and conducted electrical weapons (Taser).  Sean is currently the Senior Firearms and Tactics Instructor for his field office.