Carbine/Rifle courses are offered in multiple formats:

​Carbine Fundamentals - 1 day

​Intermediate (CQB) Carbine - 1 day

​Carbine 1 - 2 day/1 night

​Patrol Carbine - 3 day/1 night

​Multi-day classes have a lowlight component if allowed by the host range.

Minimum required equipment:

​Quality functioning rifle, AR pattern recommended

​Sling, 2 point adjustable recommended

​Optic (Red dot sight or LPVO)

Weapon mounted light (if class has low light component)

​5 functioning magazines

​Gear to carry at least 1 spare magazine on body

Hearing protection, electronic ear muffs recommended

Eye protection

​Ball cap and weather appropriate clothing


​Ammunition: 300-500 rnds per training day

​For Carbine 1 and Patrol Carbine, secondary weapon (pistol) with belt mounted holster, spare magazines, magazine pouch, 100 rnds pistol ammunition