We offer ​pistol courses monthly in the following formats:

​Pistol Fundamentals - 1 day - Perfect for newer shooters or seasoned shooters wanting a hard focus on the fundamentals.

Intermediate Pistol - 1 day - Continued focus on performing the fundamentals on demand. Students will shoot more complex drills and courses of fire with a focus on shooting on the move.

​Pistol 1 - 2 days/1night    *low light component if allowed by range

Red Dot Handgun - 1 day course designed to assist shooters making the transition to a red dot equipped handgun.

Fighting under Duress - 1 day wounded shooter course with emphasis on target engagement, reloads, and malfunction clearances strong hand and support hand only.

Women's Defensive Pistol - 1 day low stress course designed to introduce and equip women in using a pistol for self defense.

​Minimum required equipment:

​Quality functioning handgun

​Sturdy belt mounted holster with quality belt (NO Serpa holsters allowed)

Spare magazine pouch

Hearing protection, electronic ear muffs recommended

Eye protection

​Ball cap and weather appropriate clothing


300 -500 rounds ammunition per training day