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Night Vision Fundamentals:

This 1 night intermediate level course will cover techniques and procedures for engaging targets in low and no light environments. Course content will include set-up and operation of helmet worn night vision devices, laser aiming device zeroing procedures, carbine and pistol target engagement, integration of white light. Class times are flexible and generally start a couple hours before dusk.

Students need to have previous verifiable pistol and rifle training.

Limited loaner gear available. Course cost is $200. Ammunition requirement is 300 carbine, 100 pistol. Additional information on request.

Fighting At Night:

This 2 night course covers all the content from NV Fundamentals and adds additional skills and layers of complexity. Students will cover hand held and weapon mounted pistol light engagement techniques, movement under night vision, use of cover, and basic team tactics.

Ammunition requirement is 600 rifle, 200 pistol. Cost is $400.